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Happy Company has a culture driven approach. Most organizations create a product to fulfill a specific need, or want to serve a defined target audience. In many cases identification is getting lost on the way of growth. Consequence is that the organization is becoming highly ineffective and burns a lot of money on management, health care costs, employee retention, client acquisition and product development.

We enable culture that turns everything around – as it has been for millennia: the collective has a cultural intersection that is forming a unique purpose. From this purpose we derive internal needs that correspond with external needs. Motivation is coming alive organically and intrinsically. Everybody is becoming a leader in their own way. Everybody knows from the inside why they’re in the organization. We choose it. We defined it. We formed it. We live it. Every day.



Happy Company is bringing organizations alive. Organizations are made of humans that agree to a story. Together they bring this story alive. During growth the humans tend to give up their believes and the story becomes predominant. The initial spark is becoming a ritual, the ritual a habit, the habit a cult and the cult a culture. The people, the product, the strategy and the structure, the culture, the purpose and the attitude becomes disconnected, imbalanced. Happy Company is viewing organizations as that what they are: communities out of living beings. By that an organization can be recognized under similar parameters like an individual. Is the organization balanced and healthy? Are we working effectively and in a flow? Are our revenue streams giving us the comfort to thrive? Do we have all competences we need to meet our purpose? Do we have the right structure and strategy to make use of our resources in the most healthy way? Is our purpose aligned with our team? What is our attitude when we go to work daily?

Happy company created a model to find root causes of problems easily and to use it as a navigation map to check in on corporate health. We bring organizations alive by seeing them as entities that need care, affection, love. Do you want to give your organization the love it deserves?



Today there’s a big misconception on sustainability. Sustainability is not something that we do. This itself is already not sustainable. Sustainability is the motor of our reality. Put a group with limited resources into the desert or on a boat in the middle of an ocean and within a day everybody feels, thinks and acts in sustainable ways. Humanity has erased the certainty of death in many ways. By that sustainability becomes a choice, because it has become a choice to have a free will or not. Happy Company is making aware that we have a free will if we choose so. Then there’s no talk anymore who’s to blame, to conquer or to safe. We take 100% responsibility on all our actions, on all our emotions and on all our thinking and we choose what we feel is right. And there’s no force out there that can stop that, besides our self. Do you want power or do you want to be power? You choose. Sustainability will become a byproduct of that aliveness.


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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
Jack Canfield

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