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When companies need help with increasing consistency between their internal and external brand image to achieve better costumer trust and employee efficiency, they come to us.



Happy Company works in the fields of corporate behavior, communications and design. Our vast knowledge and experience of the interconnectivity of all three fields is the strategic advantage of your company to deliver a genuine brand experience to your employee and customer audience.


Our Mission

We optimize your value delivery through carrying out highly functional workplace cultures and rich brand experiences.

We work with our clients in four ways

We work with our clients in four ways

Corporate Identity Architecture

Others just do brand positioning. We’re CI architects revealing and mapping all key decision making touch points within your company and shaping them to your needs as an living organization for the benefit of all participating shareholders. We optimize and leverage your whole value delivery by simply creating a solid collectively shared self-understanding. This self-understanding will serve us as a framework to create the whole corporate identity architecture with the focus on corporate health and adds genuine value to the lives of your target audiences.

Identity Implementation

„Any concept is worthless if it cannot be lived or translated into practice.“

If you have a brand positioning, we will help you to implement it sustainably in your company. We do this together by creating strategic communication guidelines and putting them into practice by delivering experiences to your internal and external stakeholders. A healthy and efficient company needs teams that love what they do and do what they love in in alignment with the company's values, beliefs, mission and vision.

Design & Communication

„We trust the brave because they have stood up for their values in their own unique way.“

We create seamless and authentic experiences that bring your customers remarkable touch points of your brand. We don't just design, we take your audience on a journey to experience the heart of your business. Are you brave enough to present it?

Business Optimization

We align your team to create high value outcome by taking out the daily hassle. You’re stuck and

  • can’t solve a problem 
  • are having difficulties to make an important decision 
  • can't get your company into one unified direction? 

We do workshops to identify root causes and create consensus for specific problems and quick effective solutions to deliver more value to your customers.

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Why Happy Company?

With 10 years of experience in corporate identity, cultural business development and great design we are your partner to make your team and brand even stronger.

How we work

We enable our customers to build a bold identity that adds genuine value to their employees, customers and the world.

What we do

Happy Company is shaping identities from the inside out guiding positioning workshops for leaders and employees. By creating a self-understanding you enable your greatest potential as a company by using the collective intelligence of all shareholders. We translate this identity into design that communicates the value that is added through your products to the lives of your target audience.

We offer: Positioning Workshops / brand identity strategies / implementation processes / success measurements / authentic communication & design / and a great time together.

Who we work with:

Start-ups / small & medium enterprises / You.


We enable all visionaries, transformers and doers to dream, create and optimize.

We work for and together with companies with a clear focus on genuine sustainability.
We empower the ones that are willing to be the change that this world needs.

We support the ones that are willing to have a healthy work culture with genuinely motivated people, low sick-leave rates and employee turn-over, products that make a difference and a vision that moves the world.


Your company is build for transformation. You want to create positive impact by your philosophy, by your great team, and by your products and services. We help you to achieve exactly that. We have the tools to create:

a holistic positioning that works in the inside and outside,

pro-active change by navigation models that allow permanent orientation, 

and great stories to move your audience in sustainable ways.



Your company knows the market, knows the client, has amazing competences on board and serves with products that are trusted. Either the market is too aggressive, you’re missing needs of the customer or inside the company conflicts arise. Essentially the daily work feels heavy. This are normal problems during a certain growth phase. Don’t worry, we’re there to address the issues and to make your ship better in navigating the difficulties.


Happy Company is brand new.
And has already loads of experience.

Hello, I'm Felix, the founder of Happy Company. For fourteen years I have been accompanying brands in their cultural and visual development, fostering their identity growth and creating design that communicates their uniqueness towards all stakeholders.


Berlin, Germany
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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
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