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Workshop Facilitation

„Most problems in teams arise because intelligences are not aligned and focussed on being alive together.“

We open spaces and provide tools to you and your team. Here you get into your zone of genius to create solutions that matter - because those results are created by everyone. You can come to us with any problem or desired outcome. We will tailor a workshop to your needs. 

We help you specifically to:

  • define your brand positioning
  • create a strategy
  • engineer MVPs
  • develop your business (towards increased happiness)
  • overcome returning problems
  • aligning your team
  • make use of your collective intelligence
  • become alive.

What we do: 1) analysis of relevant fields, 2) building the workshop experience, 3) hosting the workshop and you create vivid results, 4) supervision of a sustainable implementation

Design Services

„Any concept is worthless if it cannot be lived or translated into practice.“

We design, create and realize for you everything around

  • culture and behavior (Corporate Identity)
    Rituals, habits and workflows to strengthen your togetherness, your outcomes, effectivity and love
  • experiences (Company Relationship Interfaces)
    align your behavior with how you want to be seen
  • communication (Corporate Communication & Design)
    the classics: graphic design for digital & print, UI/UX, logos, websites, design systems, unicorns & rainbows

With our design workflow we create an autonomous team with the required experts to find the best solution for your needs. We make innovation affordable.

What we do: 1) setting up the team and defining what's missing, 2) formulating the mission and creating results, 3) choosing a solution and making the solution available, 4) testing the solution in its environment and celebrating the success.

Consulting & Coaching

„To mature, we need outside perspectives, to feel who we are, to choose wisely, and to do our best without repeating the same mistakes over and over again.”

We give you space and tools to feel empowered and emancipated, basically to help yourself even better in being and feeling empowered and alive. For that we support you with navigation coordinates so you can position yourself. And we will be your sparring partner on your path.

What we do: 1) We get to know your needs, your fears, your weaknesses and your strenghts, 2) we give you the tools to integrate your fears, and fulfill your needs by transforming your weaknesses into your strength, 3) we will be your most honest best friend. Annoying and loving at the same time. ; )

Seminars & Trainings

„Lead your business from mind, body and heart and use the intelligence of your whole team to create one success-story.“

We have the knowledge to enhance your feeling of being alive. We train you on topics of happiness, love, health, change, leadership and autonomous teams via emotional intelligence, navigation tools and awareness techniques from ancient cultures and contemporary sciences.

What we do: 1) You choose a topic and a format, 2) we give you our love to encounter change better with ease, peace and love, 3) we celebrate your gain in quality of life.

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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
Jack Canfield

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