We recognize You for that what You Are.
And we Ask the right Questions.

We enable the best

We recognize. We listen. We analyze. We empower.
At Happy Company, we separate the facts from the stories. We direct your energies into unified directions. By empowering purpose, by aligning team intelligence, by design thinking, and a great support. We call that creating honest and loving relationships.

Recognizing Your Awesomeness
As a decision maker in your organization, you are the expert in your business. We acknowledge and value your unique insights and experience.

Why? How? What? Who?
We listen carefully to what you have to say. We hear the things you say and the ones you don't say. We know how to ask the right questions.

We look at the inside and outside environment of your business. The way how you create relationships. With your market, like customers, suppliers, investors and competitors. With your employees, your products and your services.

Empowering Your Potential
Our mission is clear: to empower you. We support you in making better use of your intelligence, energy, and capacity for innovation. We understand that the ability to foster meaningful relationships and embrace innovation is not just powerful; it's also essential for the health and sustainability of your business.

Strength in Love and Sustainability
Ultimately, we're dedicated to making your love for your business stronger, your organizational health more robust, and your path more sustainable and joyful. We believe that this combination of love, strategic insight, and sustainability is the key to long-term success in today's business landscape.


Berlin, Germany
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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
Jack Canfield

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